Skaters of the Month

Each month Sac City Rollers selects one skater who has made a significant contribution to the league. The Skater of the Month is announced at that month's bout. Congratulations and Thank You to all our Skaters of the Month!

April 2016 - SheRAW

SOTM April16 SMsotm

SheRaw's teammate and Brusier Captain, Knee High Ninja, had this to share in congratulations... "Our April skater of the month is the perfect example of what a derby girl/Jedi should be...

Raw started with SCR in our Rec League Program. She quickly moved into Birds in October 2013 and soon after became a Bruiser. When Raw is at practice, which is nearly 110% of the time, she is always one of the first girls geared up and ready to skate. She is always attentive, helpful, and her laughter can be heard in every corner of the warehouse. 

In a game Raw is strong, patient, focused, and thoughtful in her strategies. She directly impacts the outcome of the Bruiser's games with her amazing hits, ability to work as a team player, and her eye for girls headed in the wrong direction.

In true derby girl fashion, Raw has the most stellar attendance on a consistent basis and is equally dedicated to our off skates activities and events. She is a pleasure to have as a teammate and a gem on The Bruiser roster.

And for these reasons... And so many more, SheRAW is our April 2016 Skater of the Month!"

October 2015 - Slice N Dice

SOTM-October15 smsotm

Join us in congratulating our October Skater of the Month: Slice N Dice!!!

Slice came to the Sac City Rollers as a transfer and in no time was added to the Bruiser roster in October 2014. Set to challenging herself and her potential, Slice tried out and made the Capitol Punisher team at the start of the 2015 season. Since then, Slice has been an integral part of the team as she rarely misses practice and ALWAYS has a great attitude. She consistently pushes herself and her teammates to improve. It's not always 100% work for Slice as she definitely also works hard to create personal bonds with her team. Some have dubbed Slice "Mama Slice' because of her consistent nature to "check in" on her teammates. She is always available to give her teammates a boost if ever they're feeling down. In addition to all of her hard work on the track, Slice is our Treasurer assistant and helps make sure to keep out money right. When Slice isn't at practice, or working those numbers, you can usually find her skating local trails with other SCR members.  

It's been a true pleasure having Slice be a part of our league and we look forward to many more years with her here. 

Congratulations, Slice! Very well deserved!

September 2015 - Purdy Grrrl

SOTM-September15 smsotm

Definition of Purdy Grrrl... Leader, Fearless, Competitor, Athlete, Loving Mother, Amazing Wife, Phenomenal Teammate, Great Friend, Best Big Sister Ever.

For 10 seasons Purdy Grrrl, also known as PG or Peeg, has been the true glue of the foundation that the Sac City Rollers is built upon. Since 2006 she has been our General Manager (6 Years,) a veteran coach (7 yeas,) Our AGM and Fundraising coordinator for another year, and guided us through our WFTDA apprentice program. All while being an active Capital Punisher skater! 

Purdy's care and dedication is hard to find in unpaid volunteer athletes, but Purdy Grrrl embodies that quality of drive and selflessness 110%. She is truly the Best Blocker, period! She has won that trophy 5 time in 9 seasons as voted on by her peers. Her on track performance is always stellar and stands out at any game we play. Her professionalism, and respect for her teammates and opposition, is unparalleled as she has demonstrated in both of SCR's D2 Playoffs and Champs appearances.

PG is a true role model for any skater, showing how to push past obstacles, challenge yourself to be better, and never giving up. On behalf of the Sac City Rollers we say "Thank You" Purdy for all that you have done and all that you continue to do to help our league maintain, grow, and thrive. We love and value you more than words can express. For those reasons and so many more, please join us in congratulating Purdy Grrrl as our September 2015 Skater of the Month! 

August 2015 - Chelle Shock

SOTM-August15 smsotm

Congrats to Chelle Shock for being the August Skater of the Month! Shock moved up to the Vet level at SCR by joining the Bruisers in July 2014. Shocked showed true potential and had her team, and the league, excited about what would come of this new skater. Then, in August, just a short month later, she suffered a broken ankle that would take her from competing with her team for the remainder of the season. Having an injury didn't stop Shock from spending as much time as she could observing her team and filling needs for the league though! She constantly strutted into practice with her walking boot ready to assist the league however she could.

Come 2015, Shock hit the track hard and again left her team and league excited about what would come from her this season. She's started the season as a dominating blocker and then began jamming as her team needed. She proved to be very tough to stop as a jammer, and the team was excited to be able to utilize her in that position. Just as she was really taking stride as a jammer, Shock suffered another ankle break! Same angle, same spot, same break. Obviously, the league and her team were devastated to lose her again. Shock made sure that she didn't leave us sad for long because in a mere 2 months, she's back on the track, and has seriously not skipped a beat! She was fit and ready to take the track in her first game back as a Bruiser just weeks after her return to skates.

This kind of dedication to skating, and drive to play the game is inspiring to any athlete. Shock has made a wonderful impression on SCR and we're thrilled that she's been recognized as our Skater of the Month for August! 

June 2015 - MizDeMean Her

SOTM-June15 smsotm

Our Skater of the Month for June is MizDemean-Her AKA Meanher. She has been a part of the Sac City Rollers for only a short time but her dedication has helped her excel!

Meanher's drive and determination has catapulted her into being one of the Bruisers most succesfull jammers. It's been a pleasure watching her growth and success throughout the last year.

Meanher's on the track success paired with her exceptional attitude, excellent practice attendance - especially given the dedication to traveling to practice even with her distance from Sacramento - and her ability to push herself to the limit each and every time, makes her a wonderful skater to receive this acknowledgement! Congrats Meanher! 

May 2015 - Moaning Lisa

SOTM-Mayl15 smOur Skater of the Month for May is Moaning Lisa AKA Lisa or ML. She has been a part of the Sac City Rollers for several years and recently tried our for and made it onto the Capitol Punishers roster.

Lisa is well know for for her willingness to help others on the track, her endurance and work ethic. She is always willing to give a helping hand to all skaters, new or vet. ML is definitely a team...player. Lisa loves to skate-you can usually find her joining Rec League and Bird practice to assist, as well as to work on her own skills. On the weekends you can usually find her at a skate park, or on a trailing working on endurance and agility.

One thing that can be said about ML is that she never gives up! She works hard to obtain her goals. She's excited to spread the derby gospel and has been a most welcoming figure in SCR to visitors and new members. Keep up the good work ML! Much deserved.

April 2015 - Estrella Negra

SOTM-April15 smOur Skater of the Month for April is Estrella Ne­gra. If you are having a hard time pronouncing her name you aren't the only one, most skaters have dubbed her as Strey or Australia.

Strey fell in love with roller derby after watching a Chicago Outfit game when she lived in Chicago. After wobbling through tryouts and not making it on the team she was determined to become a roller derby player, taking lessons at Derby Lite. After trying out again she made the team. Her first practice was scrimmage night, after getting pummeled by A-T earn players all night it was love at first scrimmage, there was no turning back! She was hooked.

That winter she moved back to Sacramento and found SCR. SCR has been her home for the past two years where she was lucky enough to find her derby wives­Octopusshy and Conquistadorable.

Strey was out for 5 months last year due to a broken leg. She has come back to the track with ferocity after her injury. In addition to helping the Bruisers rock this season's pants off, she's also taken the reigns as our marketing head. The league appreciates everything you do, Estrella! Thanks for all your time and dedication! Well deserved honor.

March 2015 - Aman DeStroyer

SOTM-March15-smOur Skater of the Month for March is Aman DeStroyer. Take a trip down memory lane with us for this one!

DeStroyer joined SCR in July of 2007 after being recruited by now retired skater, Sweet Cheeks. She was voted "Most Improved Skater" of 2007. One of the original skaters of home team, the Sweaty Betties. She derby married now retired skater Scandaliz in 2008. Then life happened and SCR lost DeStroyer for a few years. She got back on skates in 2012, and from that time forward DeStroyer has taken a leadership role from being Captain of the River City Regulators team to Co-Captain and now Captain of the Bruisers as well as inter-league liaison.

How she does all this, is a radio producer for the Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show and is mom/stepmom to 3 boys is beyond us but we are grateful that she does! DeStroyer's efforts on and off the track are noted by her teammates. We congratulate you and take our hats off to you for all you do lady!

February 2015 - Anomie of the State

SOTM-February15-smIf you want to see what focus and determination look like,  watch Anomie of the State skate on game night. Lia Moore aka Anomie of the State, aka Ano, aka, No, has been skating for over two years with the Sac City Rollers. Our fans have watched her grow as a skater, first skating with the Folsom Prison Bruisers, and now the Capitol Punishers.

Ano was voted 2014's Most Athletic Skater of the Year. She was handpicked by La Lucha for the coveted "Skate Til You Puke" award. And oh was that well deserved! Any of the coaches and skaters on the team will tell you that when Ano skates, she leaves everything on the track. Don't her size fool you, she packs some big hits and doesn't back down from a challenge. Everyday we watch her grow as a skater, and SCR is excited to see where her journey takes her!

Congratulations on being voted Skater of the Month Ano! 

November 2014 - Devask8Her

SOTM-November14-smDevask8Her lives up to her name each and every time she takes the track. A force to be reckoned with, Deva began skating with the Sac City Rollers in February of 2010. She honed her derby skills with Sac City but eventually move to Nashville, Tennessee, where she skated with the Nashville Rollergirls. She helped contribute to their success as well, so much so that she earned the "Best Brawl Star" utility player award for Nashville for 2012. Nashville's loss, Sac City's gain, Deva moved back to the golden state of California and jumped into action with SCR once again. 

Be sure to congratulate Deva for all her hard work as a Punisher and Coaches Crew Secretary!