April 2016 - SheRAW

SOTM April16 SMsotm

SheRaw's teammate and Brusier Captain, Knee High Ninja, had this to share in congratulations... "Our April skater of the month is the perfect example of what a derby girl/Jedi should be...

Raw started with SCR in our Rec League Program. She quickly moved into Birds in October 2013 and soon after became a Bruiser. When Raw is at practice, which is nearly 110% of the time, she is always one of the first girls geared up and ready to skate. She is always attentive, helpful, and her laughter can be heard in every corner of the warehouse. 

In a game Raw is strong, patient, focused, and thoughtful in her strategies. She directly impacts the outcome of the Bruiser's games with her amazing hits, ability to work as a team player, and her eye for girls headed in the wrong direction.

In true derby girl fashion, Raw has the most stellar attendance on a consistent basis and is equally dedicated to our off skates activities and events. She is a pleasure to have as a teammate and a gem on The Bruiser roster.

And for these reasons... And so many more, SheRAW is our April 2016 Skater of the Month!"