SOTM-August15 smsotm

Congrats to Chelle Shock for being the August Skater of the Month! Shock moved up to the Vet level at SCR by joining the Bruisers in July 2014. Shocked showed true potential and had her team, and the league, excited about what would come of this new skater. Then, in August, just a short month later, she suffered a broken ankle that would take her from competing with her team for the remainder of the season. Having an injury didn't stop Shock from spending as much time as she could observing her team and filling needs for the league though! She constantly strutted into practice with her walking boot ready to assist the league however she could.

Come 2015, Shock hit the track hard and again left her team and league excited about what would come from her this season. She's started the season as a dominating blocker and then began jamming as her team needed. She proved to be very tough to stop as a jammer, and the team was excited to be able to utilize her in that position. Just as she was really taking stride as a jammer, Shock suffered another ankle break! Same angle, same spot, same break. Obviously, the league and her team were devastated to lose her again. Shock made sure that she didn't leave us sad for long because in a mere 2 months, she's back on the track, and has seriously not skipped a beat! She was fit and ready to take the track in her first game back as a Bruiser just weeks after her return to skates.

This kind of dedication to skating, and drive to play the game is inspiring to any athlete. Shock has made a wonderful impression on SCR and we're thrilled that she's been recognized as our Skater of the Month for August!