SOTM-October15 smsotm

Join us in congratulating our October Skater of the Month: Slice N Dice!!!

Slice came to the Sac City Rollers as a transfer and in no time was added to the Bruiser roster in October 2014. Set to challenging herself and her potential, Slice tried out and made the Capitol Punisher team at the start of the 2015 season. Since then, Slice has been an integral part of the team as she rarely misses practice and ALWAYS has a great attitude. She consistently pushes herself and her teammates to improve. It's not always 100% work for Slice as she definitely also works hard to create personal bonds with her team. Some have dubbed Slice "Mama Slice' because of her consistent nature to "check in" on her teammates. She is always available to give her teammates a boost if ever they're feeling down. In addition to all of her hard work on the track, Slice is our Treasurer assistant and helps make sure to keep out money right. When Slice isn't at practice, or working those numbers, you can usually find her skating local trails with other SCR members.  

It's been a true pleasure having Slice be a part of our league and we look forward to many more years with her here. 

Congratulations, Slice! Very well deserved!