SOTM-September15 smsotm

Definition of Purdy Grrrl... Leader, Fearless, Competitor, Athlete, Loving Mother, Amazing Wife, Phenomenal Teammate, Great Friend, Best Big Sister Ever.

For 10 seasons Purdy Grrrl, also known as PG or Peeg, has been the true glue of the foundation that the Sac City Rollers is built upon. Since 2006 she has been our General Manager (6 Years,) a veteran coach (7 yeas,) Our AGM and Fundraising coordinator for another year, and guided us through our WFTDA apprentice program. All while being an active Capital Punisher skater! 

Purdy's care and dedication is hard to find in unpaid volunteer athletes, but Purdy Grrrl embodies that quality of drive and selflessness 110%. She is truly the Best Blocker, period! She has won that trophy 5 time in 9 seasons as voted on by her peers. Her on track performance is always stellar and stands out at any game we play. Her professionalism, and respect for her teammates and opposition, is unparalleled as she has demonstrated in both of SCR's D2 Playoffs and Champs appearances.

PG is a true role model for any skater, showing how to push past obstacles, challenge yourself to be better, and never giving up. On behalf of the Sac City Rollers we say "Thank You" Purdy for all that you have done and all that you continue to do to help our league maintain, grow, and thrive. We love and value you more than words can express. For those reasons and so many more, please join us in congratulating Purdy Grrrl as our September 2015 Skater of the Month!