SOTM-April15 smOur Skater of the Month for April is Estrella Ne­gra. If you are having a hard time pronouncing her name you aren't the only one, most skaters have dubbed her as Strey or Australia.

Strey fell in love with roller derby after watching a Chicago Outfit game when she lived in Chicago. After wobbling through tryouts and not making it on the team she was determined to become a roller derby player, taking lessons at Derby Lite. After trying out again she made the team. Her first practice was scrimmage night, after getting pummeled by A-T earn players all night it was love at first scrimmage, there was no turning back! She was hooked.

That winter she moved back to Sacramento and found SCR. SCR has been her home for the past two years where she was lucky enough to find her derby wives­Octopusshy and Conquistadorable.

Strey was out for 5 months last year due to a broken leg. She has come back to the track with ferocity after her injury. In addition to helping the Bruisers rock this season's pants off, she's also taken the reigns as our marketing head. The league appreciates everything you do, Estrella! Thanks for all your time and dedication! Well deserved honor.