August 2013 - Aleithal Weapon

Skater of the Month: August 2013What wins games? Team Work. How are we going to do it? Total Domination. These two questions and answers help sum up the mentality of our Skater of the Month, Aleithal Weapon. Weapon posed these two questions to the Capitol Punishers this season as the team’s Co-Captain and they have become part of the team’s pre-bout chant and focus towards victory.

Weapon, #713, started skating derby with the Sac City Rollers in May of 2009. With a previous sports background, Weapon quickly honed her skills playing roller derby, earning the league’s rookie of the year. Weapon embodies team work and dedication to the sport and as a result took home SCR’s Best Sportwomanship award for 2011 and 2012. Her role this season as the Capitol Punishers Co-Captain has helped lead the team to numerous victories on and off the track. Her skating skills and leadership on the track as a Pivot have contributed to the team’s winning season and have played a major role in helping the Punishers earn a spot in the WFTDA D2 Regional Playoffs in Kalamazoo, MI later this month. Aleithal Weapon is also one of the league’s coaches, focusing on the new up-and-coming skaters, teaching them the skills and mindset that has made her successful.

Let’s thank Weapon for all that she has done and continues to do for the Sac City Rollers! Just ask and Aleithal Weapon will tell you… One Cohesive Team Unit equals Victory!