June 2013 - Roll'n Di

Skater of the Month: June 2013Let's give a round of applause to SCR's Skater of the Month: Roll'n Di, #7! Rolo, as she is more commonly known by her fellow teammates, quickly learned that you can't always control the nickname you will be given by a teammate, and that it will stick - whether you like it or not!

Rolo began skating with the Sac City Rollers in August of 2011, and rapidly proved herself as a strong up-and-coming skater. If she is knocked down, she is back up quickly and ready for battle. Rolo skates for the Folsom Prison Bruisers and is the newly named Co-Captain for her team, and she skates for the intraleague team, the Notorious Knockouts. She has also stepped up her involvement with the league by holding one of the Coach's Crew secretary positions this year, helping keep everything organized and on track.

Roll'n has a special trait that is not coached, it is within. It is the fire and deep passion to win and be successful in roller derby. She is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve her game, and this makes her very valuable to her teammates and league. The Sac City Rollers are certainly lucky to have Roll'n Di both on, and off the derby track for her ability and dedication. Let's congratulate #7, Roll'n Di, on her accomplishment of being voted by her league as Skater of the Month!