SOTM-March15-smOur Skater of the Month for March is Aman DeStroyer. Take a trip down memory lane with us for this one!

DeStroyer joined SCR in July of 2007 after being recruited by now retired skater, Sweet Cheeks. She was voted "Most Improved Skater" of 2007. One of the original skaters of home team, the Sweaty Betties. She derby married now retired skater Scandaliz in 2008. Then life happened and SCR lost DeStroyer for a few years. She got back on skates in 2012, and from that time forward DeStroyer has taken a leadership role from being Captain of the River City Regulators team to Co-Captain and now Captain of the Bruisers as well as inter-league liaison.

How she does all this, is a radio producer for the Rob, Arnie and Dawn Show and is mom/stepmom to 3 boys is beyond us but we are grateful that she does! DeStroyer's efforts on and off the track are noted by her teammates. We congratulate you and take our hats off to you for all you do lady!