May 2013 - The Knackah

Skater of the Month: May 2013Ah yes, The Knackah is your Sac City Roller's Skater o the Month!

Skating with the league since February 2010, The Knackah has certainly continued to step up her game. What makes her unique is her background in artistic skating helping her manuever the way she does in and around the pack. We have seen The Knackah develop into a strong utility player and take on a leadership role within the league - skating as a Folsom Prison Bruiser, The Knackah has assumed the team's Co-Captain role for the 2013 season, helping lead the Bruisers with her derby knowledge and skill. When not skating with the Bruisers, The Knackah skates as a Rude Girl on one of our intraleague teams within Sac City.

She is a crucial part of the sac City Rollers, and one of the reasons for the league's on-the-track success; the exact reason The Knackah is May's Skater of the Month!