Skaters of the Month

Each month Sac City Rollers selects one skater who has made a significant contribution to the league. The Skater of the Month is announced at that month's bout. Congratulations and Thank You to all our Skaters of the Month!

October 2014 - Conquistaborable

SOTM-October14-smTriple threat. Quadruple threat? How many threats can you be in roller derby...

Our skater of the month, Conquistaborable or as many have dubbed her “Qui Qui”, is not only one of SCR’s smartest pivots, she is also packed with powerful hits as a blocker and is always willing to sport the jammer panty when called upon.  This recent addition to the Punisher roster strapped on a pair of mint colored Moxy skates just a year and a half ago and has moved quickly up the ranks challenging herself at each practice along the way.

But this dynamic babe isn’t just strength and beauty she also serves on the Sac City Rollers board as Sponsorship coordinator and has done an excellent job in this position.  That’s right you can thank her for the delicious KIND bars present at every bout and the delicious food from Hot Italian in the VIP section.  

To the ever so colorful, hip-swaying, constantly-smiling and hardworking Quista, cheers to you on being skater of the month!

March 2014 - Lady Killer

Skater of the Month: March 2014Sac City Rollers are proud to introduce you to our skater of the month for April, Lady Killer!

Lady Killer, also known as LK came to SCR as a temporary transfer from Kent, England in 2013,while visiting the U.S. as a part of a Study Abroad program through UC Davis. Upon arrival her skill, derby knowledge and drive were undeniable, allowing her to quickly roster as a River City Regulator by the end of the 2013 season.

She began 2014 as a Folsom Prison Bruiser, and given more time with Sac City she would be one to keep your eye on in the future to be one of our All-stars. Kind, dedicated, composed , fighter, leader are just a few words that can be used to describe Lady Killer. As it has been said before, LK is probably the best international gift that the Sac City Rollers has ever received!

February 2014 - Cyclone Ally

Skater of the Month: February 2014Joining SCR in 2012, Cyclone Ally quickly found her way onto the Folsom Prison Bruisers as a strong and LOUD pivot. Her gut-wrenching blocks and powerful communication serve her well on the track as well as off. She came to us pre-named from her time at Iowa State University, home of the Iowa State Cyclones.

Cyclone also handles SCR's website, nearly a full-time job, while still managing to have a "real world" career, helping to calculate odds on our rankings team, and raising a tiny tornado at home. Without Cyclone, SCR would be in for some pretty tough weather.

Congratulations, Cyclone Ally, on being February 2014's Skater of the Month!

November 2013 - Khan Artist

Skater of the Month: November 2013A true fixture of the Sac City Rollers, one is hard pressed to know the sport of roller derby and not know the intensity and focus of number 1985, Khan Artist. Khan has skated hard for SCR since July of 2010, and as a result earned the league's Rookie of the Year award in 2011.

She has worked her way up, previously skating with the Folsom Prison Bruisers and now an absolute asset and "must-have player" for the Capitol Punishers during the last several seasons. The Capitol Punishers' current championship season has certainly been helped by Khan's game play and skills, which will be brought to the forefront this month at the WFTDA Championships in Milwaukee.

Khan's dedication to her team is relentless, just as her game play is on the track. Every season, every bout and every jam, Khan can be counted on. Practice makes perfect, and Khan Artist proves it: she earned the "Dedicated to Derby" recognition from the league for having the most practice points for the first half of the season. Her team player mentality exemplifies the definition of the team's motto, One Cohesive Team Unit. Never left out of a Punisher power line, Khan Artist will get the job done, no matter what.

Show your appreciation to Khan on her well-earned Skater of the Month title and wish her luck as she puts one over on the competition at Champs in exactly 8 days.

Congratulations Khan Artist!

October 2013 - Devask8Her

Skater of the Month: October 2013Devask8Her lives up to her name each and every time she takes the track. A force to be reckoned with, Deva began skating with the Sac City Rollers in February of 2010. She honed her derby skills with Sac City but eventually move to Nashville, Tennessee, where she skated with the Nashville Rollergirls. She helped contribute to their success as well, so much so that she earned the "Best Brawl Star" utility player award for Nashville for 2012. Nashville's loss, Sac City's gain, Deva moved back to the golden state of California and jumped into action with SCR once again.

Her dedication to the league is amazing and Sac City has certainly benefitted from her talent, team- player mentality and positive attitude. She has helped both the Folsom Prison Bruisers and Capitol City Punishers win bouts this season and the league can’t be more thrilled to have her back skating as a Sac City Roller. Deva was voted by her Sac City team mates as Skater of the Month for her all around contributions to the league. We should all take time to congratulate number 12, Devask8Her, on her Skater of the Month accolade – she truly deserves it!

September 2013 - Dies Irae

Skater of the Month: September 2013Dies Irae is a fixture within the Sac City Rollers! Her commitment to the league is unparalleled, on and off the track and her fight to win and drive to succeed cannot be matched. Dies has been skating with Sac City since July of 2010. She started skating with one of the intraleague teams, The Sweaty Betties, as well as with the Folsom Prison Bruisers. She posts points to the board as a jammer, so many in fact that she earned the “Best Bruiser Jammer” award for 2012. Dies' relentless work ethic and skating prowess has since placed her on SCR’s All-Star Travel Team, the Capitol Punishers. Herfitness, skills and never-give-up attitude has greatly contributed to the Punisher’s successful season.

And have we mentioned that she is the inventor of the “surprise pop-up block” that Sac City has been using in their arsenal this season? All of Dies' best attributes will be showcased in Milwaukee as she battles along with the Capitol Punishers at the WFTDA Championships in November! Pay close attention to number 68 and witness quick, precise skating, juking, and always getting the job done. It’s what she does!

You have seen Dies' off-track talents as well. She is the artist behind all of Sac City’s bout posters! She spends countless hours hand-painting bout promotion materials and putting together the program you are reading tonight. As if that wasn’t enough, Dies is the league’s WFTDA liaison, as well as the interleague liaison, constantly busy with all of the behind-the-scenes work with booking the teams SCR will play throughout the season.

Dies Irae is the Skater of Month for all of these reasons. Thank you to her for all that she does and the mad skills that she shares. She is truly METAL!

August 2013 - Aleithal Weapon

Skater of the Month: August 2013What wins games? Team Work. How are we going to do it? Total Domination. These two questions and answers help sum up the mentality of our Skater of the Month, Aleithal Weapon. Weapon posed these two questions to the Capitol Punishers this season as the team’s Co-Captain and they have become part of the team’s pre-bout chant and focus towards victory.

Weapon, #713, started skating derby with the Sac City Rollers in May of 2009. With a previous sports background, Weapon quickly honed her skills playing roller derby, earning the league’s rookie of the year. Weapon embodies team work and dedication to the sport and as a result took home SCR’s Best Sportwomanship award for 2011 and 2012. Her role this season as the Capitol Punishers Co-Captain has helped lead the team to numerous victories on and off the track. Her skating skills and leadership on the track as a Pivot have contributed to the team’s winning season and have played a major role in helping the Punishers earn a spot in the WFTDA D2 Regional Playoffs in Kalamazoo, MI later this month. Aleithal Weapon is also one of the league’s coaches, focusing on the new up-and-coming skaters, teaching them the skills and mindset that has made her successful.

Let’s thank Weapon for all that she has done and continues to do for the Sac City Rollers! Just ask and Aleithal Weapon will tell you… One Cohesive Team Unit equals Victory!

June 2013 - Roll'n Di

Skater of the Month: June 2013Let's give a round of applause to SCR's Skater of the Month: Roll'n Di, #7! Rolo, as she is more commonly known by her fellow teammates, quickly learned that you can't always control the nickname you will be given by a teammate, and that it will stick - whether you like it or not!

Rolo began skating with the Sac City Rollers in August of 2011, and rapidly proved herself as a strong up-and-coming skater. If she is knocked down, she is back up quickly and ready for battle. Rolo skates for the Folsom Prison Bruisers and is the newly named Co-Captain for her team, and she skates for the intraleague team, the Notorious Knockouts. She has also stepped up her involvement with the league by holding one of the Coach's Crew secretary positions this year, helping keep everything organized and on track.

Roll'n has a special trait that is not coached, it is within. It is the fire and deep passion to win and be successful in roller derby. She is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve her game, and this makes her very valuable to her teammates and league. The Sac City Rollers are certainly lucky to have Roll'n Di both on, and off the derby track for her ability and dedication. Let's congratulate #7, Roll'n Di, on her accomplishment of being voted by her league as Skater of the Month!

May 2013 - The Knackah

Skater of the Month: May 2013Ah yes, The Knackah is your Sac City Roller's Skater o the Month!

Skating with the league since February 2010, The Knackah has certainly continued to step up her game. What makes her unique is her background in artistic skating helping her manuever the way she does in and around the pack. We have seen The Knackah develop into a strong utility player and take on a leadership role within the league - skating as a Folsom Prison Bruiser, The Knackah has assumed the team's Co-Captain role for the 2013 season, helping lead the Bruisers with her derby knowledge and skill. When not skating with the Bruisers, The Knackah skates as a Rude Girl on one of our intraleague teams within Sac City.

She is a crucial part of the sac City Rollers, and one of the reasons for the league's on-the-track success; the exact reason The Knackah is May's Skater of the Month!

March 2013 - Scarlett Jo Slams'em

Skater of the Month: March 2013Scarlett Jo Slams'em has skated strong with the Sac City Rollers since February 2010. Her dedication is crucial to SCR's success and she has made herself an integral part of the league; she serves as Sac City Rollers' Secretary, a thankless job! Scarlett keeps everything organized and running smoothly.

Scarlett is also a Captain for the Folsom Prison Bruisers. Her leadership and the trust of her teammates will prove to play a vital role as she guides the team to vistory in the 2013 season. Scarlett also skates on Sac City's intraleague team, the Rude Girls.

Her involvement on, and off the derby track certainly helps shape what SCR is today, and for that, we present Scarlett Jo Slams'em as Sac City Rollers' Skater of the Month!