Skaters of the Month

Each month Sac City Rollers selects one skater who has made a significant contribution to the league. The Skater of the Month is announced at that month's bout. Congratulations and Thank You to all our Skaters of the Month!

November 2012 - Quick-Fire

Skater of the Month: November2012Devask8Her lives up to her name each and every time she takes the track. A force to be reckoned with, Deva began skating with the Sac City Rollers in February of 2010. She honed her derby skills with Sac City but eventually moved to Nashville Rollergirls. She helped contribute to their success as well, so much so that she earned the "Best Brawl Star" utility player award for Nashville for 2012. Nashville's loss, Sac City's gain, Deva moved back to the golden state of California and jumped into action with SCR once again.

Quick served as Sac City's interleague liaison as well as being the secretary for the Coaches' Crew. All of these accolades are bitter sweet as this month's bout marks the end of Quick-Fire's career skating at home in front of her fans, family, and teammates. She will retire at the end of the 2012 season. Her fierce competitiveness, leadership, and skating skills will certainly be missed, and will leave a void that will be very difficult to fill. Quick-Fire has scored countless points for Sac City throughout her time with us and we can't thank her enough for all that she has given to the league. She will always be remembered as a great derby skater, teammate, and athlete, but more importantly as a great friend to all of us. Let's not only congratulate Quick-Fire on being nominated as a Skater of the Month, but let's congratulate her for all of her accomplishments she has acquired during her time with Sac City.

Thank you Quick-Fire, you will certainly be missed!

October 2012 - Tripping Billie

Skater of the Month: October 2012Tripping Billie began skating derby with the Sac City Rollers in May of 2009 and has never looked back. Her talent on and off the track has helped propel Sac City continuously forward in its progression. Billie was voted as the team captain for Sac City’s Capitol Punishers and has confidently led the team to a very successful 2012 season so far. Her leadership has proven invaluable as Sac City competes for west rankings in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. She is not only respected for her role as the Captain, but for her accomplished skills on the track as well.

A team player and superb skater, Billie offers a perfect combination that helps push Sac City to success. Billie is also the captain of her intraleague home team, the Sweaty Betties. Tripping Billie’s dedication to her team, the league and to herself as a skater has helped Sac City continue to notch wins in their belt. Sac City would not be where they currently are now without number 41, Tripping Billie. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for the Sac City Rollers.

Congratulations, Skater of the Month!

September 2012 - Annie Reksic

Skater of the Month: September2012Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, let's put our hands together and welcome back a fan favorite: the one, the only, number 10, Annie Reksic! Reksic has been with the Sac City Rollers since August 2008 and has many hard fought bouts under her belt with the Capitol Punishers. She endured a serious knee injury while playing roller derby which required surgery to fix. After many months of pain and rehabilitation, Reksic is back on the track and is a force to be reckoned with once again.

Sac City can not be more excited to have Annie Reksic's skill and knowledge back helping them post wins. Reksic is a Sweaty Bettie and is currently skating with the Folsom Prison Bruisers. Reksic's determination to get back to competitive roller derby is one to be admired. Let's all welcome her back to the track and congratulate Sac City's very own Annie Reksic!

We salute you as Skater of the Month!

August 2012 - H. N. Icy

Skater of the Month: August 2012H.N. Icy #15 began skating with Sac City Rollers in August of 2008. Icy certainly has become one of the backbones that keep Sac City moving forward and successful. Icy is not only a long time Capitol Punisher and one of the most feared blockers around, but also wears many hats at Sac City. She is the assistant general manager of the league, heads up Sac City's Rec league, is a Folsom Prison Bruisers bench coach, and has also put together this month's bout as the interim bout coordinator. Keep in mind, these are just the official titles Icy currently holds and does not reflect all of the other tasks that always seem to fall her way. Whatever Sac City is involved with, Icy is sure to have had a vital role. There is no doubt that without Icy's relentless dedication to Sac City throughout the years, the league would not be where it is today. Whether Icy is on the track contributing to Sac City's victories through her fearless play, or behind the scenes doing all that she does, it is certain that she is one of the most influential members the Sac City Rollers has ever had.

Let's extend a huge THANK YOU to Icy and congratulate her on being the Skater of the Month... it's long overdue!

June 2012 - Freddie Stare

Skater of the Month: June 2012Freddie Stare started playing Roller Derby and joined the Sac City Rollers in August of 2011. However, Freddie is no stranger to having wheels under her feet and being a fierce competitior. Freddie was a professional skateboarder for five years adn traveled the world because of it. Skateboarding since age 2, Freddie placed 6th in her first pro competition and was ranked 11th in the world during her skateboarding career. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, Freddie is now an art teacher by day and a Sac City Roller by night. Her skill and athleticism quickly earned her a spot on both the Folsom Prison Bruisers and the Notorious Knockouts. Freddie is a great addition to the league, not only for her skating ability, but her willingness to always help out by tracking points or keeping skaters in the penalty box as a Non-Skating Official when her team is not on the track. Sac City is super-stoked to have Freddie Stare on board.

May 2012 - Fitch Bace

Skater of the Month: May 2012Fitch Bace started skating Roller Derby in February 2010 for the Twin Cities Derby Girls out of Illinois. Fitch played on TCDG's home team, the Boneyard Bombshells as well as the Twin City Travelers, playing derby thoughout the local Midwest. Fitch helped Twin Cities grow until she made the move to the Sacramento area and became a part of the Sac City Rollers in January 2012. Fitch's solid derby skills and excellent knowledge of the sport has made her an incredible asses to the league. She quickly made it on the Folsom Prison Bruises roster as well as skates for teh Sweaty Betties. She has already proven herself as an awesome addition in the few short months she has been a Sac City Roller. Her passion for the sport shines through on and off the track.

April 2012 - Scandaliz

Skater of the Month: April 2012Scandaliz has been with the Sac City Rollers since April 2007. She has played a pivotal role within SCR, not only as a Capitol Punisher, Sweaty Bettie, and a former captain of both teams; but as a vet coach as well. Her unstanding of the game is like none other and she is a key component of SCR's strategy. Scandaliz brings a long history of competitive sports as she also plays soccer and softball on the side of derby; her true athleticism shows. Her hard work on and off the track make her one of Sac City's best assets as she has volunteered countless hours to helping the league be successful.

March 2012 - Purdy Grrrl

Skater of the Month: March 2012As one of the founding members of the league as we know it, Purdy Grrrl has evolved from new skater, to jammer, to General Manager of the league, and into a formidable blocker (voted SCR's Best Blocker 2011)! She can proudly put her name on some of most notable steps Sac City Rollers has taken, including securing our very own practice space and entering into the WFTDA program, to growing the Sac City Rollers brand not only in Sacramento, but Davis and Woodland as well. She is a role model for skaters returning from pregnancy leave, reclaiming her spot on the Punishers roster within four months and quickly becoming a pinnacle in the lineup and a challenge to opposing jammers. In thetimes she's been sidelined for injury she bench coached her team to a handful of wins and 2nd place and 3rd place trophies at the Dustbowl Invitational in Bakersfield. This acknowledgement is long overdue for Purdy Grrrl, but very much deserved as many skaters within the league can trace moments of their success back to Purdy Grrrl and the influence she has had within the league.