February 2014 - Bloody Rosemary

Junior Skater of the Month: February 2014Sac City Rollers are proud to introduce you to our Junior Roller Derby skater of the month for February 2014, Bloody Rosemary.

Bloody became a Bad Apple in 2010 and is entering into her fifth season as a Bad Apples All-Star. A true utility player, you can see her both block and jam in most bouts. Regardless of what position she is playing, she gives 110%. Bloody rarely misses a practice even arriving early at times to work with new junior skaters on skills.

Bloody is a great leader. Quite effective, dedicated, and inspiring both on and off the track. She is a wonderful example fpr skaters new and old to inspire to be like. For these reasons and so many more, please congratulate Bloody Rosemary on being our Bad Apple skater of the month.