SCR logoCapitol Punishers

The Capitol Punishers are the Sac City Rollers All-Star travel team that consists of the league’s strongest and most competitive veteran skaters. The Punishers represent Sac City Rollers at a national level as part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. The team has an array of personalities, skills, and experience that make them a force to be reckoned with!  Communication, strategy, and team work are some of the most important aspects of derby to this group of skaters and they don't take practice lightly. This year's captains, Aleithal Weapon and Devask8Her, are looking forward to surprising those that least expect it as they lead their team to victory!

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SCR logoFolsom Prison Bruisers

The Folsom Prison Bruisers are a travel team comprised of Sac City Rollers’ most skilled and dedicated up-and-coming skaters. The newest skaters are gaining bouting experience, while the more seasoned Bruisers are refining their game. Led by captains Aman DeStroyer and Eradikater, the team works together to push each other to the next level of play. A passion for roller derby burns hot within each of these ladies and they are ready to face each challenge put before them by their coaches - or the opposing team.

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SCR LogoBad Apples

The Bad Apples are SCR's Junior Roller Derby team made up of girls ages 11-17.  2012 is a big season for these young ladies - they have begun to travel and bout competitively with other junior leagues and will be hosting Northern California's first ever Junior Derby tournament, Green Green Vacation!

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SCR logoCoaches

The amazing team of men and women that coach us to victory!

  • Head Coach - H.N. ICY
  • Vet Coaches - Aleithal Weapon, H.N. ICY, Conquistadorable, and The MasterHater
  • Bird Coaches - Octopusshy, Spankenstein, and Slice N Dice
  • Junior Derby Coaches
  • Head Coach - Red TornadHo
  • Assistant Head Coach - SamBam
  • Assistant Coaches - Dirty Hippie and Quick Fire
  • Junior Rec League Head Coach - Moaning Lisa

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SCR logoZebras

The women and men in stripes, also known as Skating Officials, are responsible for calling penalties and tracking points during bouts.

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